Product line

Our products & our know-how

A handcrafted know-how associate with an optimized production process, for the guaranty of a unique taste and a constant quality. Just safe and delicious products.

• Pure pork Saucissons,
• Natural casings,
• French meat carefully selected,
• Quality raw materials,
• Tasty recipes for low-fat and well-dried Saucissons,
• 100% made in France

Product line

Saucisson sec 200g
The most traditional

Saucisse sèche 250g « Bâton des Druides »
Thin and soft

Saucisson sec 200g au poivre (pepper)
For high sensations lovers…

Saucisson sec 200g aux herbes de Provence
A flavor explosion

Chorizo 200g
Finely spiced, perfect for creative food

Food service use
Rosette from 1 to 2kg (large diameter)
Pavé Poivre from 0,9 to 1,8 kg (large pepper paved)