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Charcuterie des Druides,
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At the Northwest side of France, Bretagne (French Brittany) is a county of traditions and authenticity…
That’s where we make our Saucissons in a handcrafted way. This is our specialty.
The meaning of our company name is : delicatessen of the wizards !
We invite you to discover our different kinds of Saucissons, as the French and Japanese gourmets already did… and as the South Korean will very soon.


A family story

In the Senan family, we are butchers from father to son since 1952. Pierre then Roger made the reputation of our products year by year.

Now, it’s the turn of Régis to keep alive the family traditions and the company values. After the reinforcement of his own experience, working in many companies and parts of France, he took over the Charcuterie des Druides company and reached with success the international market.

“The French Saucisson” by Régis Senan, it’s…

• Make a delicious French salami called “Saucisson”,
• Use handcrafted know-how with optimized processes of production,
• Valorize the French delicatessen by the worldwide export,
• Innovate but keeping the authenticity.

The Charcuterie des Druides is involved every day in this unique and demanding way, to offer you the best products. For the taste, the quality, and the pleasure… simply. A handcrafted company that respects tradition and its legacy, but decidedly modern with its specific approach and its state of mind.

Our values

• Respect the customers,
• Train seriously our staff inside the company,
• Make quality products at the best price,
• Give confidence with a controlled production,
• Keep closeness and loyalty with our wholesalers,
• Increase our expertise with the export experience,
• Preserve the tradition… and the absolute French touch ! 

Régis SENAN, general manager

La Lande de Saint Golven
22530 Caurel

SIRET 48084186500029


Export manager